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Should We Call It a Roller Window?

When you purchase windows, you want them to be built to last.  After all, they cost a lot more than a cup of coffee.  Let’s look at sliding windows from The Window Source of Western Michigan.  A sliding window (commonly called sliders) is a window with two or more sashes.  The sashes slide side-to-side so the window can be opened.  Most sliders truly slide; the window sashes actually rest on the bottom rail of the window and move back and forth.  Also resting on the bottom rail is the fiber seal that prevents air from leaking under the window.  As the seal moves back and forth, the weight of the sash and the friction crushes and wears out the seal which will lead to leaking.

Sliders from The Window Source are designed with rollers so the sash does not rest directly on the rail.  This prevents the seal from being crushed, keeps the seal in proper position, and reduces wear and tear.  As you can see from from the photo below, our replacement windows are designed for double rollers for the really large sliders.

So if your are in Grawn, Lake Ann or beyond and need new home windows, give us a call.  We look forward helping you with crystal-clear, new windows.

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