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Double Hung Lake City

We received a call from a gentleman in Lake City.  He built his house not very many years ago and was unhappy with the windows.  They were cold and they leaked.  He investigated and discovered his windows met the minimum standards for . . . (drum roll) . . . Florida.  No wonder his home was cold and drafty.

We quoted replacement windows that are Energy Star rated for northern Michigan and he accepted our offer.  He now has energy efficient double hung windows.  Here is one of his.

So if you are getting window quotes, be sure to ask if the windows quoted are Energy Star rated.  The rating number needs to be .27u or lower.  If the salesperson won’t tell you, there may be an issue.

For quotes, call The Window Source of Western Michigan at 231-946-3697 serving Traverse City, Interlochen and beyond.




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